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Growth capital supports current, future innovative product development and commercialization

Indianapolis, IN. – Sexton Biotechnologies announced today that it has raised $5 million in growth capital and is the first company incubated by Indianapolis-based Cook Regentec to secure outside investment capital and spin out as an independent biotechnology company. In addition to ongoing research and product development, Sexton Biotechnologies will expand and scale commercialization of its portfolio of container closure and media supplementation tools for cell and gene therapy bioproduction.

Sexton Biotechnologies products include the CellSeal platform of containers and fill systems and the Stemulate®, n-Liven PR®, and T-Liven PR human platelet lysate (hPL) products. CellSeal is based around the benefits of a rigid, cryo-compatible closed vial and the flexibility to fit into cell and gene therapy processing methods.

Sexton Biotechnology plans to continue building on its platform to bring novel solutions to cell and gene therapy manufacturing operations allowing flexible integration to accelerate process development. The line of hPL-based supplements includes a standard pooled platelet lysate, an irradiated pooled platelet lysate (PR), and the recently launched T-cell activity verified PR product.

The investment group providing growth capital for Sexton Biotechnologies includes BioLife Solutions (NASDAQ:BLFS) a leading developer and supplier of cell and gene therapy bioproduction tools, Casdin Capital, BioCrossroads and Cook Regentec.

Sexton Biotechnologies is comprised of a 17-person team from Cook Regentec, including Werner who was an executive leader on the product team. This team developed, incubated and commercialized the products since 2015. The company will lease production and office space inside Cook Regentec’s facility located in the 16 Tech Innovation District through 2024, maintaining continuous operations in the existing manufacturing facilities.

Sexton Biotechnologies will be fully independent of Cook Regentec after the closing, which is scheduled for October 1, 2019.

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