Datalys Center, Presagia Sports form partnership to improve sports injury research & prevention


Source: Becker’s Healthcare

Indianapolis-based Datalys Center for Sports Injury Research and Prevention teamed up with athlete EHR system Presagia Sports.

Five things to know:

1. The Datalys Center for Sports Injury Research specializes in sports and physical activity data-driven research.

2. Datalys is currently contracted with the National Collegiate Athletic Association to manage its Injury Surveillance Program. The organization also maintains data on injuries submitted by participating U.S. high school and collegiate sports programs through the High School NATION program.

3. Presagia Sports’ EHR is used by many college and high school athletics programs to track and manage their athletes’ health data, including injuries, illnesses, treatments and concussions.

4. Using Datalys’ technology, Presagia Sports’ clients who participate in the NCAA Injury Surveillance program will be able to voluntarily submit de-identified data to Datalys while remaining HIPAA-compliant.

5. The partnership aims to provide policymakers a larger pool of centralized data, taken voluntarily by athletic trainers in order to identify injury trends, mitigate future risks and help ensure the well-being of athletes.