COVID-19 Resource for Current Drugs and Vaccines Under Investigation Now Available


View a comprehensive list of COVID-19 clinical trials and drug investigations underway worldwide. Facts, data, and science are important in preventing or treating any condition.

While the current condition making headlines is the Coronavirus, there are other disease states without pandemic status that impact daily lives. By compiling these different investigations and trials, the resource underscores the significant commitment of pharmaceutical and scientific organizations working daily to improve the health and provide hope across the world.

Local medical communications company creates database listing scientific work underway worldwide to treat and potentially cure COVID-19 

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., April 13, 2020 – FORCE Communications announced the creation of a comprehensive and current resource of drugs and vaccines under investigation for COVID-19. The resource will be updated regularly as a reliable source of scientific discovery worldwide focused on the treatment and prevention of COVID-19. As a communications firm with over 20 years of experience providing medical and marketing services rooted in deep scientific and strategic insight, Force compiled the information to provide a factual and complete listing of COVID-19̶ related research underway.

The database includes key statistics on drugs and vaccines under investigation for COVID-19 prevention and treatment and clinical trials for treatment and prevention. Detailed information includes drug class and name; combination/comparator drugs; and clinical trial number, sponsorship or collaboration, overview, format, test population, start date and location.

“Data and science create a foundation of understanding when combating any disease. During this time of uncertainty, the public is searching for facts, and the scientific community is searching for solutions,” said Tiffany Shaw, chief operating officer of Force Communications. “We felt compelled to showcase and share the important work being done across the world to provide possible treatments for or prevention of COVID-19.”

“Scientists both inside and outside the pharmaceutical space do important work daily in hopes of finding answers for a variety of conditions,” said Jay Greenzweig, chief executive and scientific officer of Force Communications. “While the public’s attention is on COVID-19, this comprehensive resource not only provides hope specific to what’s impacting us all right now but demonstrates the scientific community’s commitment to helping humanity.”

At the time of this release, the resource included 200 clinical trials investigating either drugs or vaccines for the treatment, prevention or both of COVID-19. At least 90 drugs are under investigation for the prevention and treatment of the virus, with at least 35 countries participating in clinical trials.

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Access the resource for current drug and vaccine investigations underway for treatment and prevention of COVID-19 available at Information will be updated weekly. To submit information regarding a study, email


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